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i enjoyed the demo a TON! it was genuinely well-written and really interesting. im excited for the full version!

Thank you so much for the lovely feedback! I can't wait to be able to work more on the game; I've been pretty busy with my education. Luckily though, I've been learning things and making assets that I'll hopefully apply to make the game look better artistically! It really is nice to know that you like it, despite the lack of polish and the incomplete nature of the storylines. ^^

i'm really happy to know you're still planning on finishing it! i'll keep an eye on any future works of yours for sure.

oh oh!! these are so much better wow

I'm glad you think so. :) I'm hoping to have the art of the demo updated by... the end of June? Maybe? We'll see. :]

so CUUUUUUTE!!!!! can't wait for the full version

Thank you! I'm working hard to get this out on a reasonable timeframe. :) I have a lot of cool twists and turns planned, along with a lot more cute scenes!

and erm i know this is abit silly and honestly i'm not sure how to describe how to do anything about it but the backround colours kind of mess with my eyes? obviously not a problem for all people haha i wear glasses when playing games and such cuz certain colours bug my eyes XD but that's just me oh woe . XD excuse my nerd rambling

The backgrounds are super not final. You can see more finished versions of some of the BGs on my devblog here.


Hopefully those mess with your eyes a little less.

oh awesome sorry about my silly issues bah stupid eyes

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Oh my word! This is so amazing! I know there's placeholders and it's a demo, but what you achieved is awesome :D The sprites are beautiful (Kree's expressions, particularly, make me chuckle), and I love the style.

It really feels so fresh, and unlike any other VN I've played.

I am so excited for the full game, you have no idea! (And Briar... so amazing...)

Thank you so much for the kind comment! Another person is added to the Briar camp. I definitely can't really disguise how much I favor her, haha. She just doesn't hesitate to do cool things, and she's level-headed enough to be comforting while being reasonable enough to allow for some amounts of fun.

I'm glad my work feels fresh rather than weird. That's always been a concern of mine; I have absolutely zero interest in churning out high-school slice of life games, and I can't, even when I try really, really hard, make anything that anyone would consider normal. So, I sometimes think to myself, 'what if everyone thinks it's too weird? what if no one likes it?' I was a lot more anxious about it when I was younger, but it still kind of plagues me to this day. But! Make the kind of game you want to see more of in the world, right?

I'm sure you can understand, since your works all take place in interesting and unusual settings.

I actually just made a development blog for my games, so if you're interested in following my progress on a medium other than lemmasoft, here's the link!

I haven't played it yet, but off the bat the Strange Woman's dialogue in the screenshot is cracking me up... CARRY MY BODY TO THE GRAVE, BRIAR. My hero.

To be quite honest, that character is my favorite to write. She has so much shade to drop whenever you die.

Briar is a pal. She'd get you a dope-ass grave with a nice headstone and she'd totally think of something cool and somber to put on it. I'd definitely want her to speak at my funeral.